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From invoicing to mobile workforce coordination, Click On Central understands the unique needs of tradies. We provide tailored IT solutions to keep your trade business running efficiently.

Common IT Challenges for Tradies & Tradespeople

Click On Central has extensive experience in serving Tradies and Tradespeople in Yeppoon and the greater South East Queensland region. We understand the unique IT challenges that professionals in the trades face in managing their businesses efficiently and delivering exceptional services to their clients. Our tailored solutions are designed to address these challenges effectively. Tradies & Tradespeople commonly encounter the following IT challenges:

  1. Appointment Management Challenges:
    Having difficulty managing appointments, scheduling, and coordinating on-site work efficiently.
  2. Struggles with Time Tracking:
    Struggling with accurately tracking billable hours and project timelines, impacting profitability.
  3. Invoicing and Quoting Delays:
    Experiencing delays in creating and sending invoices and quotes promptly, affecting cash flow.
  4. Inefficient Inventory Management:
    Difficulty in keeping track of tools, materials, and equipment inventory, leading to inefficiencies.
  5. Unorganized Workforce:
    Trouble managing a growing mobile workforce and assigning tasks, leading to communication breakdowns.

Our Comprehensive Services for Tradies & Tradespeople

Click On Central offers a wide range of services to meet the unique IT needs of Tradies & Tradespeople:

  • Field Service Management Software:
    We can implement solutions to streamline appointment scheduling, field service coordination, and task assignment.
  • Invoicing and Quoting Software:
    We optimize invoicing and quoting processes for faster payments and improved cash flow.
  • Time Tracking and Management:
    We provide time tracking tools to monitor billable hours, project progress, and time management accurately.
  • Inventory Management Solutions:
    We implement inventory management systems to streamline tracking and restocking of tools and materials.
  • Employee Management Tools:
    We offer software to manage staff, assign tasks, and improve team communication.
  • Website Design and Development:
    We also develop professional websites to showcase services and attract clients online.

Our experience with Tradies & Tradespeople allows us to provide tailored, industry-specific IT solutions that address these common challenges, optimize business operations, and enhance client satisfaction. Whether you need assistance with appointment management, invoicing, time tracking, inventory management, staff coordination, or online presence, Click On Central is your trusted partner in achieving IT excellence in the trades and services sector.

Karen “Kaz” HawkesKaren “Kaz” Hawkes
05:38 25 Nov 23
Guys bent over backwards to help me with my query highly recommend them
David CooperDavid Cooper
01:49 22 Nov 23
Dean OakeshottDean Oakeshott
21:54 23 Feb 23
Quick service fixed the laptop.
Geoff MckenzieGeoff Mckenzie
21:36 11 Nov 22
With the hard drive on my laptop starting to fail I had the guys diagnose the issues and subsequently a new hard drive was fitted .The work was done very promptly at a price I was quite happy with.What a totally different machine, so quick, and all the strange things it was doing , all fixed
Judie RutterJudie Rutter
01:35 29 Mar 21
I've always gotten great service at click on central, software rebooted on my phones and batteries replaced. Bought device accessories that are always top quality. Situated in a centre that has great parking which is also a bonus.
Ang & Bill HafnerAng & Bill Hafner
01:24 15 Mar 18
Read positive reviews for this business so decided to give them a go as I needed my mobile screen replaced. Originally told it would take one hour tops but would need to order in the screen, unless I wanted to go for a gold screen as had this in stock and keen to get rid of it. Declined offer of gold screen even at $50 less as not interested. Advised they would be able to do it on Wednesday. Rang Wednesday to book only to be told the part had been delayed and wouldn't be in until Friday and again offered gold screen which I had already declined. Rang Saturday to book to come in and was advised part has not been ordered as needed to be paid for in advance. I told the guy this had not been mentioned until now. AGAIN offered the gold screen and AGAIN declined it. Cancelled the order and told them not to worry about it as I had decided I would go somewhere else that is more organised and more up front. Only reason giving two stars and not one is because staff were polite despite the confusion. I don't recommend Click on Central. Parts ordering and client communication is poor.Happy to report after renegotiations and a generous discount from Click on Central repairs were completed on my phone. Staff were helpful and polite and I am impressed by the professional manner in which my complaint was dealt with. Thank you to the team at Click on Central for your consideration and your professionalism.
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